Renew & Refresh



Renew. Refresh.

What do you need? I am challenging you to take the time to place this question in front of yourself and dig up some meaningful answers.  “What do I truly need right now?” Write it down. Do not limit yourself with whether or not you believe you can get/do/accomplish it.

What is one thing that might be within your control to make change toward that?

Our surroundings can hold us back, or they can support us. I know this. you know this. STUFF IS POWERFUL. I encourage you to get the THINGS that support and empower you front and center in your life. Ready to go. Gym bags, sneakers, water bottles, food for the soul, photos of loved ones…. I likewise encourage you to get the THINGS that disable and break you OUT! Toxic items, anything that does not serve you well, creates chaos, etc.

I will share, friends, that I seek more peace.

As I move through my path of healing, peace seems elusive.  At this time I am trying to identify the things that are within my control–areas I can address–that will make a meaningful difference for me.  Yesterday, donation and trash bags filled as I made some progress toward what I need now.

Join us this Saturday at 10am at the store to take time to explore this question for yourself some more. We are worth it, yes? (see Saturday Design Series page for more information)

Pam 🙂




I  am told by my web designer that using all caps makes it sound like I am yelling.  But, when I yell”Family Meeting!” the underlings in my family flee… but then are waiting, lurking, in their respective corners for my next stealthy move…. Like, when I then LOUDLY ANNOUNCE to my husband, that we are leaving for PIZZA and ICE CREAM. too bad we cannot find the KIDS. boom. done. kids found!

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Huh? I go to work (partly!) because my beloved clients listen to me and ASK for my advice. I love you so much XO… With much joy and yelling I would like to announce our soft opening…

We are open by appointment right now while we get our final touches completed! We are so looking forward to meeting you!

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