Take a Seat!

This fab Eldridge leather chair from Wesley Hall in deep sea blue was feeling the LOVE at the recent January and February Home shows! It is one of those pieces that is “perfectly pitched” in our opinion, for a good long sit… grab your book (remember those?) or just settle in for a much deserved pause. Keep in mind, my beloved, road warrior I-95 and 66 clients–you do not put a leather chair in your space and then expect to get out of it quickly!

(And for the rest of you who just must know, this beauty is available upholstered in fabric as well! Endless possibilities!)

xoxo Pam

Blue leather chair with ottoman
Put your feet up and sit back in another perfectly designed chair with ottoman combo!


I  am told by my web designer that using all caps makes it sound like I am yelling.  But, when I yell”Family Meeting!” the underlings in my family flee… but then are waiting, lurking, in their respective corners for my next stealthy move…. Like, when I then LOUDLY ANNOUNCE to my husband, that we are leaving for PIZZA and ICE CREAM. too bad we cannot find the KIDS. boom. done. kids found!

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Huh? I go to work (partly!) because my beloved clients listen to me and ASK for my advice. I love you so much XO… With much joy and yelling I would like to announce our soft opening…

We are open by appointment right now while we get our final touches completed! We are so looking forward to meeting you!

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